Sound Familiar?…


  • That awkward moment a potential client confuses you for a competitor. 
  • The frustration you have when you can’t make a connection with your target market. 
  • The desperation you feel when your business starts getting lost in the herd.

We have your back!

Our solution is design and branding that…


  • Provides return on your investment through adding value to your brand.
  • Facilitates business growth.
  • Is different from your competition.
  • Is distinctive and memorable.
  • Is unique.
  • Stands the test of time.
  • Works across various media.

Our Process…

Step 1

Have a poke around our website and Facebook page. Download our Price Guide.  If you get that tingly feeling that I am the right Designer for you, send me an email or book your FREE 15 min Introductory Session.

It’s time to ROCK’N’ROLL baby!

Step 2

I will send you through our Welcome Kit which is the kick off to the Design Process and kind of like our first date.  It is the introduction to our budding relationship and includes a Design Brief to collect all the juicy details on your project, a Project Timeline and a Client Agreement to be signed, sealed and delivered to get the ball rolling!

Step 3

It is now time for me to get intimate with your business.  I will massage my way through your industry, tickle your target market then develop and refine the delicious design. This marks the halfway point in the design process and after a few formalities (boooring) you will be presented with your Design Concepts to review.

Step 4

It is now time to review and refine the concepts into the Final Design.  You have the opportunity to provide feedback through 3 rounds of revisions. This is the time to start immersing yourself in your new design.  Hold it… feel it… smell it… it’s so close to being finished that you can almost taste it!

Step 5

It’s now time for you to sign, seal and for me to deliver the Final Design Files.  They, including information and instructions, will be sent over in an assortment of formats for your immediate use.

You are our ideal client if…

  • You are an established business entrepreneur who invests in new business ventures. You dabble in venture capitalism and love watching the tiny seeds that are your investments grow into fully established money trees.
  • You are an existing business that has experienced some success already in your industry. You are fierce competitor and your profits are a reflection of your hard work. You understand what it is like to commit to a project and reap the rewards from it’s successful outcome.
  • You are a professional that needs a fresh design perspective on your project. You are a leader in your field and you appreciate collaborating with a fellow professional from the design industry.
  • You are a business who values authenticity and consistency with their company’s brand and are ready to partner with a professional to help build an authentic and aligned brand.

We aren’t your ideal designer if…

  • You are a start-up business with big ideas but large economic constraints. We specialise in working with established businesses who understand the value and reward in strong and successful design and branding.
  • You have a prescribed design and list of instructions to go with it. We love concept development and have our own strategic processes in place to give you the most unique, distinctive and memorable design outcome.
  • You are not ready to let things go and think outside the box and trust wholeheartedly that you are in safe, professional hands.